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my first few days

I have been in SL now a few days like and I have been mostly goofing off. I did do some exploring and seeing the clubs and went to a few different events. Seems to be pretty cool and I am learning the least I hope. One thing I have noticed is having a nice "avatar" is crucial. I went to a few shoppes and jeez it can get expensive for clothes. I hit a few freebie places and looking semi okay but know I really need to work on it. So I have come to the conclusion I need to make some L$.

My goal is to see how much I can make without actually using any real money for funds. So I talked to a few people and it seems I have a few choices job, surveys, or camp. I tried getting a job but because I am so new no one wanted me, they said come back after I was at least a month old. I did try doing a survey or two but I didn't want to give it out all of my personal info so it looks like camping it is!

I did some camping over the weekend and found a bench where I could rack up some money. I made L$150 overnight while I was asleep. Sadly the last two days haven't been so good. Right now my balance is up to L$300 but its increasing just slowly. Last night I found a camping group and they gave me a tp to a dance pad offering L$2/10 so that was awesome. I went and did some reading and a little cleaning to come back to a locked up client......I restarted but it didn't register I earned any money. It was latter at night so I decided to call it a night and figure out something later.


I tried a survey once. Bad idea! It had layer upon layer upon layer of surveys and handing over RL information. And the (secondary) email address I used is now overrun with commercial spam.

There are several high-quality/low-cost or free places that have skins, clothes, and hair, when you're ready to use those hard-earned L$ to improve your appearance. I recommend Sarah Nerd, the GNUbie Store, and Free Dove. I also recently found a whole sim with low-cost discontinued lines. It's gamer's something. (I'm sorry I'm at work, so I can neither give you LMs nor double check locations in SL!)

And when you start looking at skin and hair, don't forget to go to major designers and use their demos. You'll learn a lot about how skin and hair work, and even shapes, assuming you can go somewhere private to try them all on and play with appearance sliders. And if you're trying to only use L$ you've raised in SL, you'll want to make sure every purchase counts, so that makes demos even more important if you do consider buying a full-price item.

Good luck, and welcome to SL blogging!

November 7, 2007 at 3:30 PM  

Otenth thank you for the advice. It seems like those surveys are a horrible waste of time. I gave up and mostly use camping and some dance pads.

I took your advice and made sure to use demo's when buying some clothes. I was going to wait a little longer but I think it really helps in game because people think your not such a new player.

November 13, 2007 at 8:25 AM  

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