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bad camping news

So I was doing the same routine as yesterday. Drinking my morning coffee and checking email, news, and then checked SL to see how my camping was going. I see that my avatar is just standing looking all dazed out and the bench I was camped out on when I went to bed was gone. So I flew around the island a little to see if any of the other benches where around and they where gone.

As I fly by the club Lil Britain I see a big sign in front of the club. The sign says that the owner of Lil Britain is auctioning the club and the island. So I am assuming the sweet camping spots where used to get traffic up for a month or two for a better sale. Just after posting how I love Lil Britain for camping they have to go and change things :(. So it looks like more exploring for new camping places.

On a positive note I am up to L$438 with only camping. I talked to a guy yesterday while camping and he said to check out JT Financial. They are a bank that offers interest on money you keep in there bank. I am gonna check it out tonight since its a little bit of an income booster.


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