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more login issues

Yesterday I got home from work and wanted to have some fun in SL. Maybe doing some dancing or actually working on my building skills, whoch really need work. Also I have not played SL much over the weekend because of the holiday. So I do the usual routine and login to SL and the dreaded login failed. So I started running through the steps - check my password, reset internet, restart luck. So I decided to check the SL blog and I find: Logins, Group IMs Impacted for 1/16th of Population.

I guess I should be happy that I get chosen over such a small group, I should go to Las Vegas.

What makes me wonder though is the instability of SL lately. I do not see how the grid can grow if these kind of problems keep happening. Also as a business who is thinking of getting into SL I would be scared because of the problems that are happening.

Lets get some input going. What do you think about these grid problems? Am I being to harsh and paranoid or do you agree?


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