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I am so excited a SL blogger party is coming up and almost ready for it. I bought new hair and a pair of glasses that will really fit the whole 40's theme.

I did read they are going for a WWII style aviation theme so it helps in the outfit selection. I am trying to find something cute that is a dress that is airforce style. Kinda like the one worn by baby spice on the dancing with the stars performance but more airforce colors.

Anyone know where I could find something like that?


lots of shopping

Last night I went to artilleri'sstore again and actually did buying not just looking. I bought few outfits, new hair, new skin, belt, and some new glasses. It was very nice and I love her stuff, oh I could spent soo much in there. Thankfully something came up in RL or I would not have any lindens left.

I really like the skin and hair I got. I had purchased a skin earlier but I was not totally happy but I really like this new one. I am going to work on some pictures this weekend. Any suggestions on places and best way to take them? Also does anyone know how to do the modeling poses in SL?


sl book

I was ordering some books from amazon the other night and thought I would see what was available about Second Life. I stumbled upon Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World and its seemed interested so I bough it. I finally got it last night and was eager to read it. The first chapter is fluff unless your a day old character but it has some good stuff for a new player or experienced. Right now I am at the chapter about building items in SL. That was something I wasn't sure about I am not a programmer or designer in RL so I was a little scared but it has been pretty easy to follow so far. I am loving the book so I thought I would let everyone know about it. make sure to check it out.

shopping time

Its shopping time! Artilleri is have a 50% off sale to celebrate their 2 year anniversary. I went to check out her store last night and I have to say wow her stuff looks amazing. I am so excited she has some stuff that I am really liking. After I get done shopping I will post some of my new outfits. I am going to look so sexy for the SL blogger party. So make sure you come.

Oh and a special thanks to Kitty Otoole for letting me know about the sale and the store. What a awesome place to shop, thanks. Also make sure to check out Kitty Otoole's site Kittywitchin. She has a awesome blog that I love to read.


more login issues

Yesterday I got home from work and wanted to have some fun in SL. Maybe doing some dancing or actually working on my building skills, whoch really need work. Also I have not played SL much over the weekend because of the holiday. So I do the usual routine and login to SL and the dreaded login failed. So I started running through the steps - check my password, reset internet, restart luck. So I decided to check the SL blog and I find: Logins, Group IMs Impacted for 1/16th of Population.

I guess I should be happy that I get chosen over such a small group, I should go to Las Vegas.

What makes me wonder though is the instability of SL lately. I do not see how the grid can grow if these kind of problems keep happening. Also as a business who is thinking of getting into SL I would be scared because of the problems that are happening.

Lets get some input going. What do you think about these grid problems? Am I being to harsh and paranoid or do you agree?

sl blogger party

I am so excited a SL blogger party is coming up. I missed the last one, I got confused on the days he he. It all goes down Sunday 16 December 2007 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM SL time. The party theme is Christmas 1944 and will feature Big Band/Swing
Christmas music provided by Radio Riel of Caledon Penzance.

Looks like I need to start shopping for a sexy outfit. Make sure you show up cause its going to be a blast.


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is subscribing to my feed. Just logged into feedburner and I saw I am up to 5. Thats great makes me feel like people actually like my blog. I have been watching my traffic and was getting a little worried. So keep reading he he.

I was doing my normal morning reading and saw this story (found here). Wonder if it is true:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Last night, Secret Service and FBI agents raided the headquarters of Second Life, seizing all Lindens. Second Life is a sophisticated social-networking tool, better known as a massive, multi-player, online virtual world.

In Second Life, real world people use characters known as avatars to do everything from chatting, to setting up virtual shops to conduct business. Second Life uses its own currency, known as the Linden, in its virtual world.

"There has been growing concern that Second Life is undermining confidence in the U.S. Dollar, by using their competing currency known as the Linden," said one senior FBI agent, speaking on condition of anonymity.

In the wake of the raid on Bernard von Nothaus' Liberty Dollar, many observers expected the government to take action against the Linden in a similar manner.

"The problem with the U.S. Dollar has nothing whatsoever to do with our own inflationary policy here at the Fed. The problem is that you have people trading U.S. Dollars for Lindens, to use Lindens as an alternative currency. That represents a very real threat to the stability of the Dollar, and the U.S. economy as a whole," said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson weighed in, by talking about the ramifications of virtual world currencies possibly surpassing and replacing the U.S. Dollar.

"From our charts, we can see that the U.S. Dollar is falling against the Linden. If too many people become engrossed with virtual world economies, we could see a downward spiral for the Dollar. Eventually, there could be a situation in which people trade the Dollar for virtual currencies. This could create a trade deficit of sorts between real world goods and virtual world goods, causing our entire economy to get sucked up into a virtual world. Americans could end up standing in virtual bread lines, and living out on virtual streets, facing virtual poverty, in a virtual recession." said Secretary Paulson.

"How freaky to think about the possibily that a virtual currency could replace the U.S. Dollar," said GOP strategist, Emma Faye Kerr. Ms. Kerr continued, "If that ever happened, the entire economy would be replaced by a sort of virtual economy, where everybody, including the government, loses connection with the reality-based world. Thank God we have a President that is still in touch with reality, who has decided to take action against the threat of virtual worlds replacing the real world."

Efforts to get in touch with Second Life founder Philip Rosedale have so far been unsuccessful.

So I think we will have to some reading to find out more. I will keep this posted as I see more.

Over at Massivley they released an article about a new client was that was released on Novemver 21st but has not been announced or is on the Second Life website. Wonder why they would drop a new client and not advertise it hmmm or maybe a new client is on the horizon.

Update - whats funny is Massively released the story and minutes later it was on the Linden Labs site.

checked out windlight

I have been reading about the new windlight client for SL and it sounds very promising. Since I had spare time because of the 4 day weekend I decided to download the new client and check it out first hand. All I can say is wow, if you turn up the graphics it looks very nice.

My only thing is it seems laggy when you crank up the graphics so I ended up using on higher setting just to check it out for a few hours then went back to the lower settings. Oh my computer specs are core2duo e6600, 3.5gb ram, 8800gts (320mb), 320gb sata II hard drive. So I don't thing it was my computer issue but I am looking into it.

Has anyone else tried the new windlight client? If so please post your experiences I would like to hear peoples opinions.


black friday

Anyone do any camping out for black friday deals? Sadly enough I did for a new laptop for myself (gotta treat yourself every now and then). It was my first time and I will never do it again, ah it was cold and boring.

Oh by the way I ended up getting a Gateway T-1620. It is nice and I am enjoying it so far, using it now btw.

happy thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and ate lots of food. Mine was good a little to much pie though.

sl broke again

I was all excited I got of early from work today because of the holiday and was going to come home and play SL. I come home eat lunch and relax......caught a Seindfield rerun (the one with a pact for no self pleasure) I love that show its so funny, oh yeah he he got side tracked.

So I get to my computer and go to login in to SL and I get login failed. I check the usual things (ie. inet, wireless, etc.) still with no luck. Pull up the SL blog and I see Second Life Login Issues. Crap second day in a row that I can't login to SL and the resolution may take 5 hours.

Is it just me or does it seem like the stability problems are getting annoying in SL?


joined technorati

I have been working on creating content for my blog but I also am working on driving traffic as well. After some advice from a few articles online I learned I need to join Technorati and get the word out. So keep an eye out for me if you go to technorati and lets get some traffic going!

Technorati Profile

SL broke

I clear my schedule so I can get some good quality time in Sl. Get in some comfy clothes and get relaxed fire up SL then I cant connect. I try resetting my internet thinking its me but have no luck. After a little searching I find this on Linden Labs blog:

DNS Failures Affecting Logins, Main Site Access, Region Crossings

All I can say crap this on twitter relaxing so say hi! :)


Anyone use blogHUD? I saw it posted on a blog or two and it seems like a cool program. It allows you to post to your blog while in SL. What a great idea, why couldn't I think of that ;-). Just curious if anyone has any opinions on it cause I am very tempted by it.


I know its a little off topic but does anyone use twitter? I just signed up, you can see my twitter updates right under my about me part under my picture. Please take a look and add me if you use twitter also

After hearing about the camping news I decided to look into some alternatives to make L$ in SL. I have been debating opening a club since I joined and it was a goal of mine down the road but maybe that time has come. I was thinking of that and apartment rentals as a fun way to play in SL.

I was curious does anyone have any advice on getting into this business as a new player?


camping may be taking a hit

I was reading an article over at Second life millionaire and saw some disturbing news. According to a comment on the newest article camping may take a hit. According to what is being discussed in the new client the way searches are done traffic is not as important as on the current client. If this proves true this could mean some hard times for us campers.

So looks like it time to start coming up with new money generating ideas.

posted a pic

I finally got around to posting a pic of myself. You can see all the new stuff I bought. I am still working on the flickr account but I need to get some more pictures going.

Please give me some input if you like how I look spent some L$ so I hope I look nice :)


dang rl

RL has been keeping me pretty busy so my SL fun has declined some. I hopped on for like 30 minutes last night did a little bit of exploring. Went to Lil Britain to relax for a little while and the whole island is empty so I am not sure if they are going to put something new or what, it was sad to see though. Besides that I didn't see to much but I did realize I need to find some new camping spots the ones I have been using are getting to popular. I am also semi slowing down some so I can build up time on my character. I am working on becoming a dancer and not as much camping.

As a side note does anyone have any cool places that they hang out that they would like to share?


slow nite in SL

I didn't do to much in SL last night because dang RL kept me busy. I logged on for a little while and explored some to maybe find some new camping spots and clubs to hang out at. I did find a bench that payed L$5/15 so I took a seat before heading out. Only catch is when I came home later I had found out I accidentally put my computer to sleep out of habit. At that point I was to tired and just went to bed.

I am gonna try and hop on tonight for an hour or two some make sure to say hi and share some camping spots or clubs to hang out at.


busy weekend

I really wanted to mess around in SL this weekend but ended up getting so busy. I was hoping to learn how to make clothes and maybe build other objects...also maybe do some partying he he. But oh well looks like I will have to do it this week instead.

I did finally get around to getting my avatar all sexy. I caved and bought some lindens so I ended up getting some new hair, skin, shape, clothes, and some tattoo's. It was a blast to go shopping and now I don't look like such a new player.

Also I am working on using the snapshots to get good pictures and will be opening up a flickr account soon to share them all.

blogger party

I logged in last night to check out the blogger party and ask in the group chat if I could get a teleport or a sLurl. Bit it turned out I got my days confused and it actually happened the day before Saturday. I was so bummed out because I was hoping to meet some fellow bloggers and maybe get a little exposure to mine as well ;).

So by chance if you went to the party please drop a comment and let us know how it went.

did a little partying

I was just roaming around in SL and ended up back at Lil Britain for one last look for camping spots. After teleporting in I heard some sweet so I walk in to Lil Brit and there is a sweet party going on. So I decided to have some fun and shake my tail some. Trying to see new things and meet new people. It was a lot of fun and DJ Pain you rocked! I was defiantly grooving to your tunes. So as you can guess my camping was a little slow he he, what can I say a girl needs to relax and have fun now and then. It did also give me some ideas for a look for my avatar I am still trying to decide there is sooo many choices I guess it means lots of shopping.

I also have started to look into maybe doing some designing of clothes cause I think I have some good idea's. We shall see though.......

Oh I did manage to find a decent spot to camp before going to bed L$2/10 and it was still running when I checked it this morning. Hopefully when I get home from work I will have a nice chunk earned. So for now I am off, I should be online hitting up some clubs tonight so make sure to say hi.


bad camping news

So I was doing the same routine as yesterday. Drinking my morning coffee and checking email, news, and then checked SL to see how my camping was going. I see that my avatar is just standing looking all dazed out and the bench I was camped out on when I went to bed was gone. So I flew around the island a little to see if any of the other benches where around and they where gone.

As I fly by the club Lil Britain I see a big sign in front of the club. The sign says that the owner of Lil Britain is auctioning the club and the island. So I am assuming the sweet camping spots where used to get traffic up for a month or two for a better sale. Just after posting how I love Lil Britain for camping they have to go and change things :(. So it looks like more exploring for new camping places.

On a positive note I am up to L$438 with only camping. I talked to a guy yesterday while camping and he said to check out JT Financial. They are a bank that offers interest on money you keep in there bank. I am gonna check it out tonight since its a little bit of an income booster.

sl bloggers party

Just got an email from the SLBloggers group. They are holding there November blogger party the 10th . Make sure to join the group for the slurl and make sure to come party!

Hope to see all you cool cat SL bloggers come out so I can meet some of you.

are you addicted to SL?

I was reading second life millionaire today and saw an interesting article. He was saying how he felt a somewhat lack for SL after not being able to log in for 5 days. It brings up and interesting question, are you addicted to SL? Also how many hours a week do you average playing SL?

Its a little hard to judge myself since I just started but I think it been roughly 10-15 hours since I have joined. (I just started SL a little under a week ago)

So please lets get some comments going I would like to hear from everyone your answers to the questions.

I found two sites related to SL that seemed worth mentioning. The first one is second life millionaire. It has some good posts on camping and making money in SL. The second site is Chino Ray. He is all about making some lindens and provides some camping locations. Both are good sites with good content. Definitely worth looking if you want to make some Lindens...and who doesn't?

I signed on to SL last night to see what was going on and do a little more exploring. I ended up finding a club called Little Britain. Seems like a pretty cool spot with nice people. What really made this place my new favorite is they had a camping bench paying L$3/18. So after hanging out and dancing I got lucky and there was a spot left. So I decided to plop down and go to sleep, I was a little nervous that the bench would kick me off after so many minutes but I was tired and went to sleep anyway. I woke up this morning and was drinking a cup of coffee and checking my emails then went to to check SL and to my shock the bench didn't kick me. I was so happy I earned L$99 while asleep. So I figure I shall test my luck and stay camped and see when it kicks me off.

So far I have L$400 saved up. I know its not much but it getting bigger. Once I get enough saved up it will be shopping time for some new clothes, skin, and hair yay!

funny video

I know this is off topic but I had to post this. I was reading some sites about blogging and found this video of a guy in a storm trooper outfit dancing in Tokyo. It was so funny I just had to post it.

camping site

Just a quickie post. I was going through some second life sites and found a good site for camping locations its called Second Life Camping. It looks like a pretty sweet site with some good link for camping. Let the camping begin!

my first few days

I have been in SL now a few days like and I have been mostly goofing off. I did do some exploring and seeing the clubs and went to a few different events. Seems to be pretty cool and I am learning the least I hope. One thing I have noticed is having a nice "avatar" is crucial. I went to a few shoppes and jeez it can get expensive for clothes. I hit a few freebie places and looking semi okay but know I really need to work on it. So I have come to the conclusion I need to make some L$.

My goal is to see how much I can make without actually using any real money for funds. So I talked to a few people and it seems I have a few choices job, surveys, or camp. I tried getting a job but because I am so new no one wanted me, they said come back after I was at least a month old. I did try doing a survey or two but I didn't want to give it out all of my personal info so it looks like camping it is!

I did some camping over the weekend and found a bench where I could rack up some money. I made L$150 overnight while I was asleep. Sadly the last two days haven't been so good. Right now my balance is up to L$300 but its increasing just slowly. Last night I found a camping group and they gave me a tp to a dance pad offering L$2/10 so that was awesome. I went and did some reading and a little cleaning to come back to a locked up client......I restarted but it didn't register I earned any money. It was latter at night so I decided to call it a night and figure out something later.

my first post

Well I finally got off my butt and started a blog. I will admit this is my first one so I know I am behind the times, he he. So make sure to come by and check it out often. I will try and update my blog daily.

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