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found a new place to party and camp

I signed on to SL last night to see what was going on and do a little more exploring. I ended up finding a club called Little Britain. Seems like a pretty cool spot with nice people. What really made this place my new favorite is they had a camping bench paying L$3/18. So after hanging out and dancing I got lucky and there was a spot left. So I decided to plop down and go to sleep, I was a little nervous that the bench would kick me off after so many minutes but I was tired and went to sleep anyway. I woke up this morning and was drinking a cup of coffee and checking my emails then went to to check SL and to my shock the bench didn't kick me. I was so happy I earned L$99 while asleep. So I figure I shall test my luck and stay camped and see when it kicks me off.

So far I have L$400 saved up. I know its not much but it getting bigger. Once I get enough saved up it will be shopping time for some new clothes, skin, and hair yay!


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